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If you are taking amantadine to deal with flu A, take the medication for the entire length of time recommended by your physician. Your signs and symptoms may acquire better prior to the infection is completely treated.

Do not stop taking the medicine without first chatting to your doctor if you are taking amantadine to treat Parkinson symptoms. If you quit taking amantadine all of a sudden, your condition could end up being even worse.

You may have boosted sexual prompts, unusual advises to wager, or other extreme urges while taking this medication. Talk regarding your medical professional if you think you have any type of intense or unusual advises while taking amantadine. Just what should I talk about with my health care supplier just before taking Symmetrel (amantadine)?

You need to not use this medicine if you dislike amantadine, or if you have actually obtained a nasal flu vaccine (FluMist) within the past 14 days.

You might require a dose modification or special tests to safely take amantadine if you have any of these various other disorders.

You might have increased sexuality, uncommon prompts to wager, or various other extreme urges while taking amantadine. It is not known whether the medication really triggers this result. If you think you have any extreme or uncommon prompts while taking amantadine, talk regarding your physician.

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